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Joel Sumner Smith

Product Manager @Gatsby focused on cloud native platform.
Analogical thinker in an analytical world.


The Newest Additions to my Library

Thanks to my mother, I had the opportunity to go, as one might say, hog wild in the Half-Price Books on Northwest Highway. When the dust settled and I arrived at home, I found the following books in my arms:

    Yeats: The Man and the Masks, Richard Emwell
    Collected Poems, Allen Tate
    Dreamtigers, Jorge Luis Borges
    The Four Quartets, T.S. Eliot
    Resurrection, Leo Tolstoy
    Lancelot, Walker Percy
    A Turn in the South, V.S. Naipul
    Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle
    Thus Spake Zarthustra, Nietzche
    History of Ireland, Richard Chauviré
    Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

© 2021, Joel Sumner Smith